Welcome! This is the official website for screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy. Inside you will find information about her award-winning work, including:

  • WONDER DRUG: Feature length scientific drama that chronicles the story of DES (diethylstilbestrol), a supposedly groundbreaking form of synthetic estrogen that instead became one of the most devastating medical disasters in history.  Told across three different time periods, the script explores DES's tumultuous rise and fall, as well as the generations of women and families whose lives it affected.  WONDER DRUG was selected as an Alfred P. Foundation script for the Hamptons Screenwriters Lab. Currently in development with producers Pascal Borno and Anton L. Nel.
  • PASS/FAIL: One-hour TV drama about the dysfunctional public education system. Partnering with Jim Forbes – a multiple Emmy, ALMA, AP and Golden Mic award-winning writer, producer, correspondent and narrator – on writing/creating the series.  Currently at script stage.
  • RESISTANCE: Feature length historical drama about the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia and the horrors of Auschwitz seen through the eyes of one girl, forced to grow up quickly as she moves from the school yard to the concentration camp, working for the Resistance along the way.  Currently at script stage.
  • FREE SKATE: One-hour TV dramedy about a teenage Olympic figure skater who joins a touring figure skating show, only to discover it's MEAN GIRLS on ice!  Currently at script stage with choreographer Michael Masionis interested.
  • THE GOOD WIFE: "Those Who Can't, Reform." TV spec. Logline: Florrick/Agos represents a public school teacher against a standardized test company with ties to Lockhart/Garner and the Governor's Office. Meanwhile, Alicia grapples with the reappearance of shady lawyer and old flirtation Ryan Alprin; and Zach's family connections influence his college interviews. 
  • ELEMENTARY: "Kith and Kin."  TV spec.  Logline: Sherlock, Joan, and Kitty investigate a murder with ties to Moriarty and her hidden daughter Kayden. Meanwhile, Sherlock threatens his fragile relationship with Joan by snooping into her boyfriend's life; and Kitty struggles for respect as Sherlock’s new protégé.'
  • MADAM SECRETARY: “The Personal is Political.” TV spec. Logline:  Elizabeth contends with personal and professional fallout when Harrison Dalton, the President’s son and Stevie’s ex-boyfriend, is murdered. Meanwhile, the press misconstrues Henry’s spy handler as his mistress; and Stevie struggles with self and public blame over Harrison’s death. 
  • VIDA: One-hour TV drama about a female teen STEM prodigy. Currently at script stage.
  • CAPE COD LITE: One-hour TV drama about how one young woman survives the Cape's not-so-quaint off-season.  Currently at script stage.

You will also find information about Caitlin's background, awards, and press. Please check back soon for updates!

Photographer: Stacey Doyle
HELLUVA COMBINATION…" -- Michael Des Barres

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