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2016 - A big writing year!

by Caitlin McCarthy on 12/05/16

2016 was quite a year for my writing. Biggest event was landing my manager Barry Krost: www.tracking-board.com/launch-pad-alum-caitlin-mccarthy-signs-with-barry-krost-management-exclusive/

Other special moments include:

* January: My unproduced TV pilot "Free Skate" was named "One To Watch" by the 2016 WriteHer List: http://deadline.com/2016/02/weforshe-2016-writeher-television-script-list-women-1201696963/

* February: I was a speaker at the TV Writers Symposium 2016, held in association with the Woods Hole Film Festival and Woods Hole Inn, and hosted by TV drama veteran P.K. Simonds (former executive producer of "The Ghost Whisperer" and "Party of Five"): www.woodsholefilmfestival.org/woodsholefilmfestivalarchives/festival-2013/workshops/tv-writers-symposium-2016/

* May: The Guardian used one of my quotes as the headline in an article about women in film and sexism, and featured my photo and additional comments within the article:  www.theguardian.com/film/2016/may/14/those-in-power-are-fully-aware-of-the-sexism-readers-on-working-in-film

* June: “Pass/Fail,” an original TV pilot that I co-wrote with Jim Forbes, made the finals in Universal Cable Productions' first Pitch Fest. The Deadline article references me ("educator") and Jim ("working journalist") towards the end: http://deadline.com/2016/06/universal-cable-productions-pitch-fest-winner-1201775821/

* July: I was named the Red Sox Most Valuable Educator for July 9. I was recognized for my teaching, screenwriting, and DES activism on the field at Fenway Park during the pre-game ceremony: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHRGHvjWE1w

* September: My minute and a half with Oliver Stone! Fast forward to 27:00 to watch it. (Ends around 28:52.) www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rC0qpLGciU

Also in September, a clip from my video entry to co-host "LIVE with Kelly" with Kelly Ripa: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlxv7xZh7CY

* November: “Free Skate” was named one of the “Top 100 Pilots of 2016” by The Tracking Board (scroll to page 15): www.tracking-board.com/vote/LaunchPadAlumniBooklet2016.pdf

Excerpt: "What 'Black Swan' did for ballet, and 'Empire' did for music, this pilot does beautifully for figure skating. Smart, relatable, complex, and oozing with drama, this is the kind of soapy new series that captures an audience and never lets go. With a uniquely fascinating setting, and some of the most richly drawn characters we’ve ever seen, this peek behind the curtain of one of the most prestigious sports in the world offers viewers a glimpse at a world that’s far more provocative than they could ever imagine."

* December: "The Top 100 Indie Writers In the World Part I" is getting a Christmas Release on iTunes -- and it will include yours truly as #10. Stay tuned for details on how to order your copy.

As for 2017, WONDER DRUG is poised to move into pre-production.

Also, my essay “A Soapy Life” will be published in "SOAP OPERA CONFIDENTIAL: Writers and Soap Insiders on Why We'll Tune In Tomorrow, As the World Turns Restlessly by the Guiding Light of our Lives," edited by Elizabeth Searle and Suzanne Stempek Shea (McFarland & Company, March 2017).

Thank you for your support. Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and new year! -- Caitlin

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