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Another amazing Black List review for FREE SKATE!

by Caitlin McCarthy on 05/30/15

FREE SKATE's pilot script just received *another* fantastic review from the prestigious Black List!

Highlights include:

* With a clearly commercial premise and the creative execution to back it up, this script will likely find plenty of interests from agents and executives alike.

* It's a perfect fit for any of the broadcast networks... and it could also find success on some of the cable channels like USA and ABC Family. 

* This is a uniquely compelling world designed to allow for great character and emotional conflicts, and the pilot does an impressive job of bringing those elements into place so that the rest of the season can shake them up. 

* Despite the touring component, the script finds ways to be budget-conscious with its locations, and it's easy to see how it could be produced even on the small amounts offered by basic cable. 

* The most compelling aspect of this show might well be the world itself, which is one that has, surprisingly, never really been explored on TV before. 

* The setting of the tour bus will be an exciting venue for storytelling, and the pilot shows an awareness for how best to bring out the high-school style conflicts and jealousies for maximum entertainment.

* There's an exclusive feeling to the tour bus that entices viewers to join in, and the nature of skating itself allows for a kinetic energy to the narrative that many dramas lack. 

* Dynamics between the various characters are strong.

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Photographer: Stacey Doyle