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FREE SKATE receives *another* fab Black List review

by Caitlin McCarthy on 03/06/16

A reviewer at the prestigious Black List gave the pilot teleplay for FREE SKATE a fab review!

Review highlights:

* "FREE SKATE is a rich story that contains depth in characters and plot similar to shows found on premium cable platforms.... the topical themes and journeys found in this script would satiate a cultured audience on HBO/Starz, AMC, USA, etc."

* "Like the pilot, the bible is well-written and provides a nice sense of scope for the world and story arcs in a concise format. The treatment has a good structure, laying out the world, characters, and plot in a way that's easily understood. The vision for skating routines is a great inclusion that increases the entertainment value of each episode. It's clear from the season descriptions that the writer has thought out the long-term plan for the series, proving that it can last for many years. No changes recommended for the bible!"

* "FREE SKATE gives viewers a front row seat to the competitive world of figure skating and a dramatic comeback story that follows a talented young prodigy who's learning the harsh realities of the real world for the first time."

* "This pilot sets up KELLY as a strong female protagonist who excels in high stakes situations, but faces insurmountable odds after her career is hijacked."

* "The plot flows naturally through the drama and conflicts set up between these emotionally-charged characters, making the story more compelling."

* "The script has a polished writing style, strong transitions, and great dialogue, that solidify its marketability."

* "The world created in the pilot lends itself to the exploration of relevant themes through believable characters, attracting viewers with the curiosity of finding out if KELLY will make it back on top again."

Read excerpts from the first incredible Black List review HERE.

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