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FREE SKATE receives eval from The Black List

by Caitlin McCarthy on 05/12/15

The Black List is a prestigious closed network of script buyers, script representatives, and script writers, founded by Franklin Leonard. (For more info, click HERE.)

FREE SKATE's pilot teleplay and series bible just received an amazing evaluation from The Black List website. Below are highlights:

* "There's a lot of potential here--as the bible indicates, this could be the figure skating equivalent of EMPIRE, a glitzy show with the hook of impressive spectacle and soapy drama every week."

*  "The bible is strong, giving an in-depth look at the characters and outlining not only the major elements of the series, but five seasons."

* "Kelly's determination makes her a protagonist who's easy to root for, but it's the fact that she's NOT 'the best of the best' that makes her feel human and compelling: she was never going to have an easy road, but the fact that she's able to pivot in the face of a major crisis and pursue a new goal reveals a real strength to her."

* "The skating sequences are engaging, each of them either moving the story along or delivering a strong character moment."

* "Kelly's first Ice Picks performance is especially memorable, coming across as an even-handed scene that doesn't pull any punches with her skill but lets her finally have a moment of grace." 

Paging Hollywood. Let's make this TV show happen!

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1. e.j. rossi said on 5/13/15 - 02:23PM
this sounds great

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