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FREE SKATE receives glowing Black List evaluation

by Caitlin McCarthy on 02/13/16

The FREE SKATE pilot received a glowing evaluation from the prestigious Black List. Excerpt: "'Skating isn’t pretty like Nancy Kerrigan. It's down and dirty like Tonya Harding.' This line perfectly sums up the concept and appeal of FREE SKATE; a thoroughly entertaining sports soap that delivers the theatrical and athletic entertainment of figure skating with one hand and compelling human drama with the other. The pilot presents a convincing and absorbing world that feels fresh, and it richly layers its plot and characters to set-up a series. The polished, professional writing juggles many elements that would seem disparate in less capable hands, from the seemingly authentic depiction of figure skating to the genuine portrayal of relatable class struggles and family drama. FREE SKATE cleverly sets up KELLY as a wronged, underdog protagonist that the audience can't help but root for and plunges her in a heightened world that’s rife with conflict. The show’s diverse ensemble includes a classic antagonist in SANDRINE, a believable love interest in WILL, a likable ally in RHYS, and an intriguing mentor turned rival in GASTON. In turn, the dynamics between characters are refreshingly complex and allow the characters to undergo pilot episode arcs while pointing to season and series arcs."

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Photographer: Stacey Doyle