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Made semifinals at Austin Film Festival!

by Caitlin McCarthy on 09/16/15

This year, I entered four scripts (two original pilots and two TV specs) in the Austin Film Festival (AFF)'s prestigious teleplay competition.  


The results?

  1. My spec script for "The Good Wife," entitled "Those Who Can't, Reform," made the celebrated semifinals in the One-Hour Spec Category! Only six scripts made the semifinals. My script has a distinction received by roughly 1% of 8,627 entries across all categories. Finalists will be announced in early October. It goes without saying that I'm attending AFF at the end of October.
  2. My original teleplay "Free Skate" advanced to the Second Round in the AMC One-Hour Pilot category.Out of a field of 1,459 submissions in this category, my script was selected by AFF's team of readers as 1 of 30 that they "deemed worthy" to send to AMC for consideration. While AFF does not have any special mention for this other than "Second Rounder," this is still a remarkable distinction. Matt Dy, AFF's Screenplay & Teleplay Competition Director, sent me a personal email that said, "I would be happy to vouch for you if needed." (Unfortunately, AMC did not select "Free Skate" to advance to the semifinalist round of the competition. But it was an honor to be nominated by AFF.)
  3. Both my original teleplay (co-written with Jim Forbes) "Pass/Fail" and my spec script for "Elementary" entitled "Kith and Kin" advanced to the Second Round in their respective categories.These placements represent a distinction only achieved by about 15% of this year's submissions. AFF reached a new record of 8,627 entries across all categories, making for an extremely tough judging process. 

I'll let you know how my spec for "The Good Wife" fares.

Click HERE to view the list of semifinalists and second rounders at this year's Austin Film Festival.


As always, thanks for your support!



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Photographer: Stacey Doyle