Much Ado About Everything

Much Ado About Everything

Worcester Academy Profile About Caitlin McCarthy

by Caitlin McCarthy on 12/09/18

Worcester Academy ran a profile about alum about Caitlin McCarthy in Hilltopper Magazine, starting on page 16 (click HERE to read it).

Another Great Black List Review for FREE SKATE

by Caitlin McCarthy on 12/08/18

A great review for FREE SKATE from The Black List: "Because the pilot builds a genuinely fascinating world that takes place in a very precious moment in one's life (coming of age) there's a decent shot that you could get this made…. it's a lavish world to mine." Click HERE to read more.

Great Black List Review for FREE SKATE

by Caitlin McCarthy on 11/29/18

Another great review for Caitlin McCarthy's TV pilot "Free Skate" from The Black List. Highlight: "This is a wonderful setting for a drama with great characters. The premise has episode generating potential that could produce seasons worth of storylines. It could find a home on any basic cable network." Industry members, click HERE to learn more.

WVVH-TV Interview about WONDER DRUG

by Caitlin McCarthy on 11/24/18

From 2007: Caitlin McCarthy's interview about WONDER DRUG at the Hamptons International Film Festival (HIFF). WONDER DRUG was a Sloan script at the Hamptons Screenwriters Lab and selected for a live staged reading of select scenes at the HIFF starring Steve Guttenberg. Click HERE to view the video.

A NATIVE LAND reaches SFs in WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Competition

by Caitlin McCarthy on 11/15/18

A NATIVE LAND has advanced to the semifinals in the WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Competition. According to WeScreenplay, "The mission of Diverse Voices is to encourage stories that are told from perspectives that are often underrepresented in Hollywood today. This includes writers of color, women writers, writers with disabilities, writers over 40, writers in the LGBTQ+ community, and any other voices that have historically been ignored by Hollywood." Learn more HERE.

FREE SKATE advances to ScreenCraft QFs

by Caitlin McCarthy on 11/09/18

Caitlin McCarthy's TV pilot FREE SKATE just advanced to the Quarterfinals in the 2018 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Competition.

This year’s jury is comprised of creative executives, coordinators, and development heads at HBO, AMC and Amazon Studios. FREE SKATE was selected from roughly 2,500 submissions. Semifinalists to be announced soon. Click HERE for more details. 

New Black List review for A NATIVE LAND

by Caitlin McCarthy on 11/06/18

A NATIVE LAND by Caitlin McCarthy has received another great review from The Black List. Highlights: "A NATIVE LAND clearly possesses a unique voice. It's an extremely entertaining script, populated with a number of diverse roles that actors would likely find both interesting and attractive. The screenplay’s ability to tell an engaging story while probing various subjects of social relevance speaks to the advanced skillset of the writer.... it's clear the project has potential as a low-budget crime thriller."

Shout-out from the Ontario Metis Family Records Center

by Caitlin McCarthy on 10/27/18

The Ontario Metis Family Records Center (OMFRC) gave Caitlin McCarthy a shout-out in their October newsletter re: her being named the Boston Red Sox's "Most Valuable Educator" last month. View the newsletter HERE.

While Caitlin’s name is very Irish, she is also of Metis descent through her Huron/Abenaki/French Canadian ancestry. Check out an article about her 8th great grandparents, who had the first official documented marriage between a Native person and French person in Canada HERE.

Worcester, MA reading scheduled for IDOL TALK

by Caitlin McCarthy on 10/26/18

Come hear Caitlin McCarthy read from her IDOL TALK Duran Duran essay on Sat, Nov. 3 from 2-4 pm at the Worcester Public Library (Worcester, MA). Q&A and signing will follow reading.

Great Black List Review for A NATIVE LAND

by Caitlin McCarthy on 10/06/18

Another great review from The Black List for A Native Land Movie! Highlight: "A NATIVE LAND is a compelling script that holds the reader's attention throughout the story thanks to a well-crafted protagonist in Roxanne in concert with innovative plot twists." Learn more HERE

A NATIVE LAND advances to 2018 Slamdance QFs

by Caitlin McCarthy on 09/17/18

Out of thousands of entries, A NATIVE LAND by Caitlin McCarthy has advanced to the 2018 Slamdance Screenplay Competition Quarterfinals! Next round TBA on September 24. To learn more, click HERE.

Mass Cultural Council highlights Caitlin McCarthy in ArtSake

by Caitlin McCarthy on 09/14/18

Mass Cultural Council shared the following in its latest edition of ArtSake: "Caitlin McCarthy is being honored as a Red Sox Most Valuable Educator at Fenway Park (9/15). She’s among the authors of the recently published anthology 'Idol Talk: Women Writers on the Teenage Infatuations That Changed Their Lives.'" Click HERE to read more.

Rex Sox Most Valuable Educator for September 15, 2018

by Caitlin McCarthy on 08/25/18

On Saturday, September 15, Caitlin McCarthy will be honored (once again!) as the Red Sox Most Valuable Educator. She will be recognized for her teaching, screenwriting, and DES activism on the field at historic Fenway Park during the pre-game ceremony. (Red Sox are playing the NY Mets that day.) 

IDOL TALK has moved to #4 on McFarland Bestseller List

by Caitlin McCarthy on 08/09/18

"Idol Talk" has moved up the charts to #4 among McFarland & Company's book titles, up from #8 last month. Buy a copy HERE and read Caitlin McCarthy's essay about John Taylor of Duran Duran.

A NATIVE LAND on the WRAC 18 List

by Caitlin McCarthy on 08/01/18

A NATIVE LAND by Caitlin McCarthy is featured on the WRAC 18 List. Go Into The Story (the official screenwriting blog of the Black List) is a big supporter of the WRAC. Learn more HERE.

New Book Tour Dates for IDOL TALK

by Caitlin McCarthy on 07/30/18

Caitlin McCarthy will be reading from her IDOL TALK Duran Duran essay on the following dates:

* Upstairs at Harvard General Store (Harvard, MA) on Thursday, August 30 from 6-8 pm.

* Worcester Public Library (Worcester, MA) on Saturday, November 3 from 2-4 pm.

Order your copy of IDOL TALK here.

IDOL TALK is #8 on McFarland Bestseller List

by Caitlin McCarthy on 07/20/18

McFarland publishes hundreds of pop culture books a year and on their own Bestseller List for July 2018, IDOL TALK is #8! The book features Caitlin McCarthy's essay about John Taylor of Duran Duran, and a foreword by Peter Noone. Check it out HERE.

Release party for IDOL TALK

by Caitlin McCarthy on 07/17/18

Join Caitlin McCarthy at Newtonville Books on July 27 at 7pm for the release party for "IDOL TALK: WOMEN WRITERS ON THE TEENAGE INFATUATIONS THAT CHANGED THEIR LIVES," with readings from Elizabeth Searle, Marianne Leone, Hank Phillippi Ryan, and Caitlin McCarthy (among others). Click HERE to learn more.

The Black List Promoting WONDER DRUG as "Featured Script"

by Caitlin McCarthy on 06/27/18

The Black List is currently promoting WONDER DRUG as a "Featured Script" on its website -- a major honor. The Black List had a designer create a special poster for WONDER DRUG. The blurb reads: "This script would be perfect for awards season, and with the right casting, it's easy to see it finding success at the box office." 

The Black List will also be sending out an email blast to the industry about WONDER DRUG being selected as a Featured Script. 

Click HERE to learn more.

Slamdance Shares Positive Feedback on A NATIVE LAND

by Caitlin McCarthy on 06/23/18

The 2018 Slamdance Screenplay Competition shared first reader feedback about A NATIVE LAND. Highlights include: "Very nice work here. Roxanne is believable and compelling, the complex racial and social mess in town gives the story a strong basis for good themes about race and class.... Strong style and dialogue, an intriguing procedural narrative – good work!"

Photographer: Stacey Doyle