Much Ado About Everything

Much Ado About Everything

A NATIVE LAND on the WRAC 18 List

by Caitlin McCarthy on 08/01/18

A NATIVE LAND by Caitlin McCarthy is featured on the WRAC 18 List. Go Into The Story (the official screenwriting blog of the Black List) is a big supporter of the WRAC. Learn more HERE.

New Book Tour Dates for IDOL TALK

by Caitlin McCarthy on 07/30/18

Caitlin McCarthy will be reading from her IDOL TALK Duran Duran essay on the following dates:

* Upstairs at Harvard General Store (Harvard, MA) on Thursday, August 30 from 6-8 pm.

* Worcester Public Library (Worcester, MA) on Saturday, November 3 from 2-4 pm.

Order your copy of IDOL TALK here.

IDOL TALK is #8 on McFarland Bestseller List

by Caitlin McCarthy on 07/20/18

McFarland publishes hundreds of pop culture books a year and on their own Bestseller List for July 2018, IDOL TALK is #8! The book features Caitlin McCarthy's essay about John Taylor of Duran Duran, and a foreword by Peter Noone. Check it out HERE.

Release party for IDOL TALK

by Caitlin McCarthy on 07/17/18

Join Caitlin McCarthy at Newtonville Books on July 27 at 7pm for the release party for "IDOL TALK: WOMEN WRITERS ON THE TEENAGE INFATUATIONS THAT CHANGED THEIR LIVES," with readings from Elizabeth Searle, Marianne Leone, Hank Phillippi Ryan, and Caitlin McCarthy (among others). Click HERE to learn more.

The Black List Promoting WONDER DRUG as "Featured Script"

by Caitlin McCarthy on 06/27/18

The Black List is currently promoting WONDER DRUG as a "Featured Script" on its website -- a major honor. The Black List had a designer create a special poster for WONDER DRUG. The blurb reads: "This script would be perfect for awards season, and with the right casting, it's easy to see it finding success at the box office." 

The Black List will also be sending out an email blast to the industry about WONDER DRUG being selected as a Featured Script. 

Click HERE to learn more.

Slamdance Shares Positive Feedback on A NATIVE LAND

by Caitlin McCarthy on 06/23/18

The 2018 Slamdance Screenplay Competition shared first reader feedback about A NATIVE LAND. Highlights include: "Very nice work here. Roxanne is believable and compelling, the complex racial and social mess in town gives the story a strong basis for good themes about race and class.... Strong style and dialogue, an intriguing procedural narrative – good work!"

RESISTANCE Advances to SFs in ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Competition

by Caitlin McCarthy on 05/16/18

RESISTANCE has advanced to the Semifinals in the 5th annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, representing approximately the top 10% of submissions received. Click HERE for more details.

The Black List Tweeting Support For A NATIVE LAND

by Caitlin McCarthy on 05/09/18

The Black List is tweeting support A NATIVE LAND by Caitlin McCarthy. Read the tweet HERE.

Two Pilot Teleplays Advance to Second Round in 2018 NYTVF

by Caitlin McCarthy on 05/07/18

Two of Caitlin McCarthy's pilot teleplays – “Pass/Fail” and “Free Skate” -- have moved on to the second round of deliberation in the 2018 NYTVF Scripts Competition. Only the top 15% of scripts submitted have made it to this round of the competition. Official Selections and Notable Writers will be announced later this month. 

RESISTANCE Reaches Fempire's Top 3

by Caitlin McCarthy on 05/01/18

RESISTANCE by Caitlin McCarthy has reached the Top 3 of The Film Empire's "Fempire" Screenwriting Contest. Winner TBA.

RESISTANCE Climbs to Fempire's Top 5

by Caitlin McCarthy on 04/30/18

RESISTANCE by Caitlin McCarthy has advanced to the Top 5 of The Film Empire's "Fempire" Screenwriting Contest. Next round TBA.

WONDER DRUG Wins RIFF's Grand Jury Award for Best Feature Screenplay

by Caitlin McCarthy on 04/30/18

The WONDER DRUG script has won the Richmond International Film & Music Festival's Grand Jury Award for 2018 Best Feature Screenplay. Learn more HERE.

RESISTANCE Advances to Fempire's Top 10

by Caitlin McCarthy on 04/30/18

RESISTANCE by Caitlin McCarthy has advanced to the Top 10 of The Film Empire's "Fempire" Screenwriting Contest. Next round TBA.

RESISTANCE Makes Fempire's Top 20

by Caitlin McCarthy on 04/29/18

RESISTANCE by Caitlin McCarthy has made the Top 20 of The Film Empire's "Fempire" Screenwriting Contest.

Female filmmakers will have the chance to win mentorship meetings with a diverse lineup of industry pros. This mentorship will occur by the summer 2018 in person (in Los Angeles) or via video conference. The purpose of a female driven contest is to impart knowledge on the grand prize winner through the advice and expertise of professionals in film & television industry.

RESISTANCE Advances to QFs in ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Competition

by Caitlin McCarthy on 04/18/18

RESISTANCE by Caitlin McCarthy is a Quarterfinalist in the 5th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship competition. The chosen recipients will receive ongoing professional support and a special trip to Los Angeles for meetings and introductions to key entertainment executives, producers and representatives.

A NATIVE LAND Receives Great Review From The Black List

by Caitlin McCarthy on 04/18/18

The Black List gave A NATIVE LAND a great review. Highlights include: "A NATIVE LAND is a riveting, complex, and engaging crime thriller that takes its time establishing characters we love in a community we care about. The result is an intricate detective story with deep, topical themes and a strong diverse female lead.... the overall story is strong enough to demand interest."

Release date for IDOL TALK anthology

by Caitlin McCarthy on 04/11/18

Caitlin McCarthy's essay “Confessions of a Would-Be Duran Duran Groupie” will appear in "IDOL TALK: Women Writers on the Teenage Infatuations That Changed Their Lives." Release date is June 15, 2018. A summer book tour is in the works. Stay tuned for more details!

Article about Caitlin McCarthy's Screenwriting

by Caitlin McCarthy on 04/09/18

Check out the latest article about Caitlin McCarthy's screenwriting HERE.

Caitlin McCarthy One of 25 Accepted into "Approaching Walden" Seminar

by Caitlin McCarthy on 03/14/18

Caitlin McCarthy has been accepted into "Approaching Walden," held at the Thoreau Institute at Walden Woods. "Approaching Walden" is a six-day professional development seminar for 25 high school educators and graduate students. The seminar provides teachers with the skills they need to lead their students in a study of their home community. This place-based interdisciplinary workshop uses Henry David Thoreau’s writings and philosophy as a model. Through Thoreau's example of living deliberately, we can learn how to do so in our own communities and pass it along to the next generation.

Barry Krost Named to 2018 Personal Managers Hall of Fame

by Caitlin McCarthy on 03/05/18

Many congratulations to Caitlin McCarthy's manager Barry Krost, who has been named a 2018 inductee to the Personal Managers Hall of Fame. Read the press release HERE.

Photographer: Stacey Doyle