Much Ado About Everything

Much Ado About Everything

Caitlin McCarthy on ABC's "LIVE with Kelly"

by Caitlin McCarthy on 09/20/16

During ABC-TV's "LIVE with Kelly" on Friday, September 22, Kelly Ripa will reveal the Top 40 entries that are in the running to co-host for a day. Watch a clip from Caitlin McCarthy's entry, which was featured on "LIVE with Kelly" earlier this week, HERE

Barry Krost now managing Caitlin McCarthy

by Caitlin McCarthy on 09/19/16

Barry Krost of Barry Krost Management (BKM) is now managing Caitlin McCarthy. 

Krost is well known in the entertainment industry, both as a literary agent and producer.  He has been involved in the careers of some of the entertainment industry's leading talents, including Cat Stevens, Angela Lansbury, Richard Gere, Liza Minnelli, Peter Finch, Joan Collins, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jackie Collins, Michael Scott, Stuart Ross, John Osborne, and Lynn Mamet.

Official Artist/Part of NYTVF+ Alumni Program

by Caitlin McCarthy on 08/26/16

Caitlin McCarthy has been invited to participate in the 2016 New York Television Festival (NYTVF) as an Official Artist. The invitation is part of the NYTVF+ Alumni Program. Caitlin’s TV pilot “Pass/Fail” (co-written with Jim Forbes) was previously a finalist in the NYTVF’s “Voice and Vision: The NBC Drama Challenge.” Click HERE to learn more. 

Upcoming Honors for FREE SKATE

by Caitlin McCarthy on 08/22/16

The script information for FREE SKATE will be featured in The Tracking Board's 2016 Spec BookHit ListYoung & Hungry List, and Launch Pad Alum booklets.

FREE SKATE honored as part of The Tracking Board LPPC's Top 5%

by Caitlin McCarthy on 08/22/16

FREE SKATE by Caitlin McCarthy is highlighted as part of The Tracking Board's Launch Pad Pilots Competition's Top 5%. Click HERE to read the announcement. 

WONDER DRUG highlighted in article about DES

by Caitlin McCarthy on 08/21/16

WONDER DRUG by Caitlin McCarthy was highlighted in an article about DES entitled "One Of The Worst Pharmaceutical Disasters in History is Still Relevant Today." Click HERE to read more.

"Pass/Fail" Reaches Finals in UCP's Pitch Fest

by Caitlin McCarthy on 08/16/16

"Pass/Fail" by Jim Forbes and Caitlin McCarthy made the finals in Universal Cable Productions' first Pitch Fest. The Deadline article references Caitlin  ("educator") and Jim ("working journalist") towards the end.

Quote: "Pitch Fest’s open submission process was designed to give everyone a chance and attracted an impressive and diverse range of people and ideas, UCP says. They included an educator, an attorney, a working journalist, a comic book scribe and several college students, among others."

Read more HERE

Two Books Coming Out in 2017

by Caitlin McCarthy on 08/12/16

McFarland & Company, which specializes in nonfiction books about pop culture subjects, is publishing "SHE LOVES YOU: Women Writers Tell How a Teen Idol Changed Their Life" in early 2017. This book will contain Caitlin McCarthy's essay about Duran Duran.  


Another essay by Caitlin McCarthy -- this time, about soap operas -- will appear in "SOAP OPERA CONFIDENTIAL: Writers and Soap Insiders on Why We'll Tune In Tomorrow, As the World Turns Restlessly by the Guiding Light of our Lives." McFarland & Company is publishing this book, too, in 2017.


Stay tuned for specific publication dates, as well as book tour information.

RESISTANCE Named Stowe Story Labs/ Fellowship Finalist

by Caitlin McCarthy on 08/10/16

Caitlin McCarthy's screenplay "Resistance" is a finalist for the 2016 fellowship to the Stowe Story Labs in September. The winner of this fellowship will be announced next week.

About the fellowship: "Open to screenwriters, filmmakers, and creative producers based in New England. The premier online resource and magazine for film and video production in New England, partners with Stowe Story Labs to provide a fellowship to the Fall Labs to a emerging New England-based screenwriter, filmmaker and/or creative producer showing tremendous promise and talent."

Read more HERE.

FREE SKATE glides into LPPC's Top 25

by Caitlin McCarthy on 07/20/16

FREE SKATE just made the TOP 25 SEMI-FINALISTS in the 2016 Launch Pad Pilots Competition.

FREE SKATE is a sports comedy-drama that can be described as MAKE IT OR BREAK IT meets BLACK SWAN. This year's Top 25 is made up of 13 dramas and 12 comedies, written by 19 women and 10 men (including 4 writing teams). 

Next round – Top 10 – will be announced on August 3. 

FREE SKATE advances to Top 50 in Tracking Board's Launch Pad Pilots Competition

by Caitlin McCarthy on 07/07/16

FREE SKATE just advanced to the TOP 50 FINALISTS in The Tracking Board’s 2016 Launch Pad Pilots Competition. Click HERE for the announcement.

This year's Top 50 make up the Top 3% of all those entered, and are comprised of a wonderfully diverse group of stories and writers -- with 32 dramas and 18 comedies making the cut, from 29 female writers and 24 male writers including 3 female writing teams and 3 female/male writing teams.

Because of this advancement, the script information for FREE SKATE will be featured in the Tracking Board’s annual Spec Book, Hit List, Young & Hungry List, and Launch Pad Alum booklets. Also, FREE SKATE will be read, reviewed, and voted on by each of the LPPC's 25 esteemed judges.

Top 25 will be announced on July 20.

Named Red Sox Most Valuable Educator for July 9

by Caitlin McCarthy on 06/29/16

Caitlin McCarthy has been named the Red Sox Most Valuable Educator for July 9. She will be recognized for her teaching, screenwriting, and DES activism on the field at Fenway Park during the pre-game ceremony.
If you are in the Boston area, come check it out. Pre-game ceremony starts around 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 9. Game starts at 4:05 p.m. Buy tickets HERE.

Lake Placid Skater blog highlights FREE SKATE making Top 75 in LPPC

by Caitlin McCarthy on 06/12/16

Lake Placid Skater, a widely read skating blog, has updated its piece about FREE SKATE to include the TV pilot's latest honor -- making the Top 75 in the Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilots Competition. Read the piece HERE.

"Free Skate" advances in Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilot Competition

by Caitlin McCarthy on 06/08/16

"Free Skate" made the Top 75 of the Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilot Competition. This represents the top 5% of all those entered. Read the announcement HERE.

The Guardian uses Caitlin McCarthy's Quote in Headline

by Caitlin McCarthy on 05/15/16

The Guardian has used one of Caitlin McCarthy's quotes as the headline in an article about women in film and sexism.  Note The Guardian's online newspaper was the fifth most widely read in the world as of October 2014, with over 42.6 million readers. Click HERE to read the article, which includes Caitlin's headline, quotes, and photo.

VH1 Press Release Highlights Caitlin McCarthy and FREE SKATE

by Caitlin McCarthy on 05/10/16

VH1 issued a press release celebrating the 2016 WriteHer List. Caitlin McCarthy's FREE SKATE is included as "One To Watch." Click HERE to read the press release.

FREE SKATE receives *another* fab Black List review

by Caitlin McCarthy on 03/06/16

A reviewer at the prestigious Black List gave the pilot teleplay for FREE SKATE a fab review!

Review highlights:

* "FREE SKATE is a rich story that contains depth in characters and plot similar to shows found on premium cable platforms.... the topical themes and journeys found in this script would satiate a cultured audience on HBO/Starz, AMC, USA, etc."

* "Like the pilot, the bible is well-written and provides a nice sense of scope for the world and story arcs in a concise format. The treatment has a good structure, laying out the world, characters, and plot in a way that's easily understood. The vision for skating routines is a great inclusion that increases the entertainment value of each episode. It's clear from the season descriptions that the writer has thought out the long-term plan for the series, proving that it can last for many years. No changes recommended for the bible!"

* "FREE SKATE gives viewers a front row seat to the competitive world of figure skating and a dramatic comeback story that follows a talented young prodigy who's learning the harsh realities of the real world for the first time."

* "This pilot sets up KELLY as a strong female protagonist who excels in high stakes situations, but faces insurmountable odds after her career is hijacked."

* "The plot flows naturally through the drama and conflicts set up between these emotionally-charged characters, making the story more compelling."

* "The script has a polished writing style, strong transitions, and great dialogue, that solidify its marketability."

* "The world created in the pilot lends itself to the exploration of relevant themes through believable characters, attracting viewers with the curiosity of finding out if KELLY will make it back on top again."

Read excerpts from the first incredible Black List review HERE.

Forty Over 40 interviews Caitlin McCarthy

by Caitlin McCarthy on 02/15/16

Read “Forty Over 40 Asks: 10Qs for Caitlin McCarthy, Screenwriter, DES activist, Inner City Public HS Teacher” HERE.

FREE SKATE receives glowing Black List evaluation

by Caitlin McCarthy on 02/13/16

The FREE SKATE pilot received a glowing evaluation from the prestigious Black List. Excerpt: "'Skating isn’t pretty like Nancy Kerrigan. It's down and dirty like Tonya Harding.' This line perfectly sums up the concept and appeal of FREE SKATE; a thoroughly entertaining sports soap that delivers the theatrical and athletic entertainment of figure skating with one hand and compelling human drama with the other. The pilot presents a convincing and absorbing world that feels fresh, and it richly layers its plot and characters to set-up a series. The polished, professional writing juggles many elements that would seem disparate in less capable hands, from the seemingly authentic depiction of figure skating to the genuine portrayal of relatable class struggles and family drama. FREE SKATE cleverly sets up KELLY as a wronged, underdog protagonist that the audience can't help but root for and plunges her in a heightened world that’s rife with conflict. The show’s diverse ensemble includes a classic antagonist in SANDRINE, a believable love interest in WILL, a likable ally in RHYS, and an intriguing mentor turned rival in GASTON. In turn, the dynamics between characters are refreshingly complex and allow the characters to undergo pilot episode arcs while pointing to season and series arcs."

FREE SKATE named "One To Watch" by 2016 WriteHer List

by Caitlin McCarthy on 02/05/16

Caitlin McCarthy's unproduced TV pilot "Free Skate" has been named "One To Watch" by the 2016 WriteHer List!

WeForShe evaluated material based on several criteria, including number of nominations, uniqueness of the roles given to female characters, competency of writing, diversity of the entire cast, break-out potential of the writer, and if the script passed the Bechdel Test.

View the Deadline Hollywood article HERE

View the 2016 WriteHer List's official website HERE

Photographer: Stacey Doyle