Much Ado About Everything

Much Ado About Everything

"Free Skate" advances in Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilot Competition

by Caitlin McCarthy on 06/08/16

"Free Skate" made the Top 75 of the Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilot Competition. This represents the top 5% of all those entered. Read the announcement HERE.

The Guardian uses Caitlin McCarthy's Quote in Headline

by Caitlin McCarthy on 05/15/16

The Guardian has used one of Caitlin McCarthy's quotes as the headline in an article about women in film and sexism.  Note The Guardian's online newspaper was the fifth most widely read in the world as of October 2014, with over 42.6 million readers. Click HERE to read the article, which includes Caitlin's headline, quotes, and photo.

VH1 Press Release Highlights Caitlin McCarthy and FREE SKATE

by Caitlin McCarthy on 05/10/16

VH1 issued a press release celebrating the 2016 WriteHer List. Caitlin McCarthy's FREE SKATE is included as "One To Watch." Click HERE to read the press release.

FREE SKATE receives *another* fab Black List review

by Caitlin McCarthy on 03/06/16

A reviewer at the prestigious Black List gave the pilot teleplay for FREE SKATE a fab review!

Review highlights:

* "FREE SKATE is a rich story that contains depth in characters and plot similar to shows found on premium cable platforms.... the topical themes and journeys found in this script would satiate a cultured audience on HBO/Starz, AMC, USA, etc."

* "Like the pilot, the bible is well-written and provides a nice sense of scope for the world and story arcs in a concise format. The treatment has a good structure, laying out the world, characters, and plot in a way that's easily understood. The vision for skating routines is a great inclusion that increases the entertainment value of each episode. It's clear from the season descriptions that the writer has thought out the long-term plan for the series, proving that it can last for many years. No changes recommended for the bible!"

* "FREE SKATE gives viewers a front row seat to the competitive world of figure skating and a dramatic comeback story that follows a talented young prodigy who's learning the harsh realities of the real world for the first time."

* "This pilot sets up KELLY as a strong female protagonist who excels in high stakes situations, but faces insurmountable odds after her career is hijacked."

* "The plot flows naturally through the drama and conflicts set up between these emotionally-charged characters, making the story more compelling."

* "The script has a polished writing style, strong transitions, and great dialogue, that solidify its marketability."

* "The world created in the pilot lends itself to the exploration of relevant themes through believable characters, attracting viewers with the curiosity of finding out if KELLY will make it back on top again."

Read excerpts from the first incredible Black List review HERE.

Forty Over 40 interviews Caitlin McCarthy

by Caitlin McCarthy on 02/15/16

Read “Forty Over 40 Asks: 10Qs for Caitlin McCarthy, Screenwriter, DES activist, Inner City Public HS Teacher” HERE.

FREE SKATE receives glowing Black List evaluation

by Caitlin McCarthy on 02/13/16

The FREE SKATE pilot received a glowing evaluation from the prestigious Black List. Excerpt: "'Skating isn’t pretty like Nancy Kerrigan. It's down and dirty like Tonya Harding.' This line perfectly sums up the concept and appeal of FREE SKATE; a thoroughly entertaining sports soap that delivers the theatrical and athletic entertainment of figure skating with one hand and compelling human drama with the other. The pilot presents a convincing and absorbing world that feels fresh, and it richly layers its plot and characters to set-up a series. The polished, professional writing juggles many elements that would seem disparate in less capable hands, from the seemingly authentic depiction of figure skating to the genuine portrayal of relatable class struggles and family drama. FREE SKATE cleverly sets up KELLY as a wronged, underdog protagonist that the audience can't help but root for and plunges her in a heightened world that’s rife with conflict. The show’s diverse ensemble includes a classic antagonist in SANDRINE, a believable love interest in WILL, a likable ally in RHYS, and an intriguing mentor turned rival in GASTON. In turn, the dynamics between characters are refreshingly complex and allow the characters to undergo pilot episode arcs while pointing to season and series arcs."

FREE SKATE named "One To Watch" by 2016 WriteHer List

by Caitlin McCarthy on 02/05/16

Caitlin McCarthy's unproduced TV pilot "Free Skate" has been named "One To Watch" by the 2016 WriteHer List!

WeForShe evaluated material based on several criteria, including number of nominations, uniqueness of the roles given to female characters, competency of writing, diversity of the entire cast, break-out potential of the writer, and if the script passed the Bechdel Test.

View the Deadline Hollywood article HERE

View the 2016 WriteHer List's official website HERE

Two Pilot Teleplays Advance to Cinequest Round II

by Caitlin McCarthy on 01/06/16

Two of Caitlin McCarthy's pilot teleplays -- "Free Skate" and "Pass/Fail" -- advanced to Round II in the 2016 Cinequest Screenplay Competition.

Judge feedback about “Free Skate” included: “…it's a very authentic sounding tale about a world we don't know much about or get to see from the inside. This is filled with interesting characters who can drive lots of stories.

Judge feedback about “Pass/Fail” ended with the words “great script.”

Caitlin McCarthy speaking at 2016 TV Writers Symposium

by Caitlin McCarthy on 12/28/15

Caitlin McCarthy will be a speaker at the Woods Hole Film Festival and Woods Hole Inn's 2016 TV Writers Symposium, which runs Feb 19-21 in Woods Hole, MA. Register HERE.

Caitlin McCarthy's "Elementary" spec makes Final Draft Big Break Top Ten!

by Caitlin McCarthy on 11/20/15

Caitlin McCarthy's spec script for "Elementary" has made the Top Ten of the Final Draft Big Break Contest out of approximately 7,000 submissions. Top Five will be announced in late November. Click HERE for more details!

"Elementary" spec makes semifinals in Final Draft Big Break Competition

by Caitlin McCarthy on 10/31/15

Caitlin McCarthy's "Elementary" TV spec script advanced to the semifinals in the Final Draft Big Break Competition! Next round will be announced in early November. Click HERE for more details.

"The Good Wife" spec available for reading at Austin Film Festival

by Caitlin McCarthy on 10/23/15

My spec script for "The Good Wife" made the finals in the "Teleplay - One-Hour Spec" category at this year's Austin Film Festival.

The fest has created a Script Library, which houses all Semifinalists, Finalists and Winners from the 2015 Screenplay Competition. (Winners will be announced on Sat., Oct. 31.)

The Script Library will be open Oct. 29-Nov. 1, and located in the InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel’s Cloak Room. 

So if you're attending the fest next week, check out my spec! - Caitlin

Script Library Hours:
  • Thursday 1:00PM – 5:00PM
  • Friday 1:00PM – 5:00PM 
  • Saturday 9:00AM – 6:00PM 
  • Sunday 11:30AM – 4:30PM 

Made Finals at Austin Film Festival

by Caitlin McCarthy on 10/14/15

Caitlin McCarthy's spec for "The Good Wife" is a finalist at the 2015 Austin Film Festival - "Teleplay: One-Hour Spec" category. The winner will be announced on October 31, 2015 during an awards luncheon. For more details, click HERE

Made quarterfinals in Final Draft Big Break Contest

by Caitlin McCarthy on 09/30/15

Caitlin McCarthy's one-hour teleplay spec for "Elementary" just made the quarterfinals in the Final Draft Big Break Contest! Semifinalists will be announced mid-October. Click HERE for more details.

Made Slamdance Semifinals!

by Caitlin McCarthy on 09/22/15

My original TV pilot PASS/FAIL, co-written with Jim Forbes, just made the semifinals of the 2015 Slamdance Screenwriting and Teleplay Competition! 

PASS/FAIL is 1 of 8 teleplays to advance to the semifinals. The finalists will be announced next week on September 30. Fingers crossed! 

Click HERE for more details.

Made semifinals at Austin Film Festival!

by Caitlin McCarthy on 09/16/15

This year, I entered four scripts (two original pilots and two TV specs) in the Austin Film Festival (AFF)'s prestigious teleplay competition.  


The results?

  1. My spec script for "The Good Wife," entitled "Those Who Can't, Reform," made the celebrated semifinals in the One-Hour Spec Category! Only six scripts made the semifinals. My script has a distinction received by roughly 1% of 8,627 entries across all categories. Finalists will be announced in early October. It goes without saying that I'm attending AFF at the end of October.
  2. My original teleplay "Free Skate" advanced to the Second Round in the AMC One-Hour Pilot category.Out of a field of 1,459 submissions in this category, my script was selected by AFF's team of readers as 1 of 30 that they "deemed worthy" to send to AMC for consideration. While AFF does not have any special mention for this other than "Second Rounder," this is still a remarkable distinction. Matt Dy, AFF's Screenplay & Teleplay Competition Director, sent me a personal email that said, "I would be happy to vouch for you if needed." (Unfortunately, AMC did not select "Free Skate" to advance to the semifinalist round of the competition. But it was an honor to be nominated by AFF.)
  3. Both my original teleplay (co-written with Jim Forbes) "Pass/Fail" and my spec script for "Elementary" entitled "Kith and Kin" advanced to the Second Round in their respective categories.These placements represent a distinction only achieved by about 15% of this year's submissions. AFF reached a new record of 8,627 entries across all categories, making for an extremely tough judging process. 

I'll let you know how my spec for "The Good Wife" fares.

Click HERE to view the list of semifinalists and second rounders at this year's Austin Film Festival.


As always, thanks for your support!



Sept. issue of IMAGINE Magazine highlights Caitlin McCarthy

by Caitlin McCarthy on 09/11/15

The September issue of IMAGINE Magazine features an article about Caitlin McCarthy on pg. 34! Click HERE.

"Caitlin McCarthy: Education and Activism Beyond Textbooks and Television"

by Caitlin McCarthy on 08/12/15

Forty Over 40 highlights the reasons why Caitlin McCarthy made its prestigious list this year. Click HERE to view the article.

New England Film highlights Caitlin McCarthy

by Caitlin McCarthy on 08/03/15

From the August 2015 "Industry News" section of New England Film:

"Forty over 40 has named Massachusetts screenwriter and teacher Caitlin McCarthy to its 2015 '40 Women to Watch Over 40' list. She holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Emerson College, and her screenplays include Wonder Drug and Resistance. Learn more at her website."

Media Coverage for #40over40 list!

by Caitlin McCarthy on 07/08/15


  • Brandchannel: "Forty Over 40: Celebrating Fearless Women Innovators and Disruptors."
  • Working Mother: "Forty Women to Watch Over 40: Forty Over 40's 2015 list of leaders, innovators, disruptors and dreamers shows that sometimes, wisdom really does come with age and experience."
  • PRWeb: "The 3rd Annual 40 Women To Watch Over 40 List Announced: 2015 List Gives Visibility to a Surprising Source of Innovation - Women Over 40."
  • 40/20 Vision: "You Can Start Late and Reset."


Photographer: Stacey Doyle